Monday, July 2, 2007

Quick access to System Preferences Dialog

Every time I connect to an external projector, I need to modify settings (depending on projector I am using). I am too lazy (some call it efficient) to be clicking on menus. So, I wanted to get to the settings dialog without any effort.

Press alt + F1 (if you use function keys to control software like I do (see previous post), then press fn + alt + F1) to get to the Display settings quickly. Similarly, you can press alt + F4 (or fn + alt + F4) to get to the Sound settings. Now, what if you want to modify some other settings? Simply press alt + F4 and start typing what you're looking for. For example, to go to Network settings, type "network" and as you type, you will see the relevant items are highlighted (brightness determines the probability of a match for each item). Hit return if the bright match is what you're looking for.

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