Monday, July 16, 2007

Keyboard shortcut to start application/open file in Finder

If you're using Quicksilver, you won't need this much, except occasionally
when Quicksilver quits unexpectedly.

To open a file or start an application, you may be tempted to hit
the enter key. Sadly, this would let you modify the application/file
name instead of starting or opening it.

To open a file or launch an application in Finder, you can either hit
apple - O or apple - down arrow.

What if you want to open a file using some other application other than
the default? See the related post: The QuickSilver Files: Grabbing the Universe


huits said...

very useful


Anonymous said...

exactly what i was looking for and showed up at the top of google, thanks!

Anonymous said...

great to have this, in my first month with Mac! ;D

Anonymous said...

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Do you know any way to get it repair quicker than normal, because I use my ipod touch as a communication device as I'm non-verbal. I don't have any other communication devices to use while its being repaired.

Anonymous said...

works like a charm - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, it's such an unintuitive command.

johny said...

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