Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What the Hell is This?

I was thinking the other day about consolidating all my Mac OS X downloads, tricks, tips, etc. on a wiki somewhere so that I could remember this stuff. I know that Scott Davis and Brian Sletten already have web pages where they have their list of Cool Mac Stuff. It's nice to have when you re-install or move to a new machine. Then, I started thinking "Wow, I'll bet Venkat would like to contribute to that", since we love to pass around Mac goodies. Then, I thought "It would be cool if all the Mac guys I know could contribute, then send me notification when new stuff got added." Then, I realized: I'm talking about a blog!

Welcome the The PragMactic OS-Xer. This is the place where I'm going to post all the cool stuff I find out about a Mac. And I'm inviting others. Anyone who wants can join the posters on this blog and make their own entries. I'm trying to create a nice public forum where all the OS-Xers I know can put cool stuff. And, because it's here, I can get to it when I need to remember all the stuff I need to install on my next Mac.

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David said...

I've found Scott's at http://www.davisworld.org/blojsom/blog/default/Mac/2005/06/07/MyMac.html but where can I find Brian's mac page?

Perhaps the lot of you could add a wiki page somewhere as well for a quick view.