Thursday, January 10, 2008

Scary Screen Mode

One of the joys of using a laptop is portability. But as anyone who has tried to use a laptop outside in the sunlight knows, the screen is hard to read.

Which brings up this keyboard shortcut: CTRL-OPTION-APPLE-8, which switches to "inverse" mode. Basically, it inverts all the colors on the screen. Try it -- I'll wait. Notice this this is "8", not "F8".

See? Scary, huh? Great for using your laptop outside, though.


Giles Bowkett said...

what is this mysterious "alt" you speak of?

I hope it doesn't translate to ctrl-option-apple-8, because if so, it doesn't appear to work on my MacBook running Leopard.

Giles Bowkett said...

(btw there's an app called Nocturne which does more or less the same thing.)

Thibaut Barrère said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. Now I can make my baby sleep while surfing on blogs :)

Thibaut / LoGeek