Monday, November 7, 2011

Building Growl 1.3.1

The new release of Growl is distributed in the App Store and is no longer free. The source code still is, and there are instructions on the Growl site to explain how to build it. Personally, I found the instructions a bit wordy. So, here the short version on how to download, compile, and install Growl from source:

1) If you don't have it, get and install Mercurial from this page:

2) Open a Terminal window and enter the following commands
cd /tmp
hg clone
cd growl
open Growl.xcodeproj

3) In the Xcode window that should have popped up disable code signing for the Growl project, as shown in this screenshot:

4) Back in the Terminal window enter these commands: (Don't enter the backslash, it's just there to indicate that the command continues on the next line.)
xcodebuild -project Growl.xcodeproj -target \
-configuration Release
open build/Release

5) The Finder window that should have opened contains, which you can copy to a folder of your choice and run.

Remember, due to the App Store Growl no longer checks for updates itself.